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Purpose   The purpose of Franklin Christian Church is to REACH OUT to people so they may WORSHIP God, FELLOWSHIP with His people, GROW deeper in Christ and SERVE others.  In the words of one author, "We exist to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them get better acquainted."  Although not the only missions effort at Franklin Christian Church, Faith Promise is the principal vehicle for doing this work.

The Missions History of Franklin Christian Church

  We have always considered missions work to be a vital to the success of the local church!  The Great commission (Matt. 28:19-20) prompted us to commit 10% of the general fund to missions in our first month of operation, June 1986.

We distributed the funds to local and foreign missions, a church camp, a college, and a disaster relief agency that helped missionaries. 

We continued to increase the percentage of general fund to missions.  In early 1989, FCC explored the Faith Promise concept to raise mission's funds.  This would remove it from the general fund.  When considered, prayed, and investigated the idea.  Other churches were reporting increased giving and renewed excitement for missions.

Our first Faith Promise Rally was in November 1989.  Praise the Lord for His kindness to FCC!  He has enabled us to give approximately 30% of our total income to missions.

What is Faith Promise?

  In early 1989, the leadership of Franklin Christian Church wanted to dramatically increase the amount of money we were sending to missions.  They were convinced that the church would give sacrificially to make it happen.  Through Faith Promise, we ask the congregation to pledge an amount to give to missions.  We explain the need, and the congregation prayerfully determines how much we will send.  From the amount of the pledge commitments, we set a missions budget.  Even though there is no money for the world evangelism in the general budget, we give fantastic amounts to missions!  In 2000, FCC gave over $140,000 to spread God's Love to the world.  Every year, God has allowed us to increase our giving.  Prayerfully consider if this work might be for you.  You can make a pledge anytime - contact Franklin Christian Church Missions - missions@fcctn.org for more information.

What is Tier Evangelism?



Tier I: Foreign Evangelism
  • We place the highest priority (and send the most money) to missionaries actively engaged in foreign evangelism.

    1. Brad & Tammie Harvey are Bible translators in Morogoro, Tanzania through PBT. Bible translating begins by determining the need and in many cases, giving the people an alphabet and written language before actual Bible translation can begin.
    2. Richard and Debbie Lee (Native South Africans) are evangelizing the people in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Their adult children are Gayle, Derek, and Zane. Richard provides leadership development and church planting (over 50) while Debbie teaches women to sew while leading in Women's Bible Studies.
    3. Dave and Suzie Snyder, with their elementary children Loren and Rebecca, are medical missionaries in Kenya. Dave is an administrator for the clinics and CMF International and preaches. Suzie is a bush Physician and is the staff Physician for the clinics.
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    5. Hands and Feet, The project is dedicated to building a community of cottages to raise orphans in a land suffering political upheaval and extreme poverty. The Hands & Feet Project will be under the leadership of Drex and Jo Stuart, parents of co-founder Mark Stuart and lifetime missionaries who have previously served in Haiti.

    6. Kassie Faber, works at a Christian Camp in the Dominican Republic.

    These eight missionary couples "broadcast" Jesus to unreached people.

  • Franklin Christian Church has targeted geographic areas to win for God.

    1. Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic A Missions field in the Caribbean
    2. Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia A Missions field in Queensland, Australia.
Tier II:  Evangelism Support Ministries  

Where are our Missions?


American Indian Christian Missions PBT Jeff Moody Camp Christian @ Burns, TN International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) Emmanuel School of Religion Hands and Feet,  Haiti Alberto and  Rivas in Dominican Republic Rick York in Dominican Republic Gary Klein (Christian Dominican Medical Missions or CDMM) in Dominican Republic Hands and Feet Project,  Haiti Brad and Tammie Harvey of Tanzania Dave and Suzie Snyder in Kenya Richard and Debbie Lee in Zimbabwe and Botswana Phil and Sharon Eagling in Australia C.Y. Kim in South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, China Map of World with our Missions

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Faith Promise is a great way for you to actively participate in the Great Commission.  Through your pledges, people receive medical attention, great educational opportunities, and the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

How do I get involved?  It's easy...

First, prayerfully consider how much the Lord might be calling you to give.  Please do not take away from your tithes and offerings to give to Missions!  Faith Promise is pledging money for God's work, and faithfully trusting Him to help you keep your commitment.

Second, get a pledge card at the informational desk.  The card will ask you how much you will give each month.  You don't have to sign anything; this is between you and God.

Third, prayerfully trust in God to keep your pledge!

Brochures Available View Brochure pdf format


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