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Where is Dominican Republic Richard and Suzanne York have been missionaries in the Dominican Republic for 7 years.  Their oldest daughter, Emily, is attending college at Lincoln Christian College.  Rick is also the Director for the Christian school, "Santiago Christian".  They live in Santiago.

Occasionally, the sites are remote enough or there are enough converts that a new Church can be established.

New Building Stated in Santo Domingo   Jan 1998

Cities in Dominican Replublic We're thrilled to announce that work has begun on the new church building in the eastern section of Santo Domingo.  Gary Klein is overseeing this project and the Highland Meadows Christian Church in Texas is planning on sending a work team to help get this project done this next summer, Lord willing.

This is the first building that the mission will have in Santo Domingo and we are excited about that.  The city of Santo Domingo has to be one of the focal points of our work in he next few years, simply because of the tremendous growth of the city.   Well over 3.5 million people live there and it is wide open field, with relatively few evangelical churches.

The church from Greenford, Ohio was just here on a visit to see the work of Pedro Abreu, whom they support.  They helped start the digging of the footing.  They were pleased to see the close cooperation between the Kleins and our family and the rest of the workers in the mission work here.  It is a blessing and one that produces great results.  We're thrilled with the way the Lord has used the Kleins in the work here and hope they continue to stay as long as they want!!


Yes! I believe the missionary efforts in the Dominican Republic and the Santiago Christian School are a great way to spread God's Word.  I would like to partner with Rick and Suzanne in the Dominican Republic in bringing God's Word to life for Bibleless peoples...

Please send contributions / correspondence / medical supplies to:

Rick and Suzanne York
P.O. Box 24770
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

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