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Richard and Debbie Lee are missionaries to Zimbabwe. ( They all have British citizenship. The government refuses to grant them Zimbabwean passports, though all were born in what was then Rhodesia. )

Following the war for Zimbabwean independence, the Lees sold their farm and moved to South Africa and Botswana for a short time before moving to England and California, going to Bible colleges there. ( An interesting historical note, Richard was the first graduate of San Jose CHRISTIAN College, following the name change from San Jose Bible College. The college held a special graduation ceremony at Central Christian Church on Sunday, November 19, 1989 so that Richard could have a "real graduation" before they left to return to Africa. )

They began their work in Botswana, but within a few years had moved to Zimbabwe with the thought of working with indigenous African churches to provide training, etc. Zimbabwe map

It became clear after a time that the better way was to encourage groups who wanted to start Churches. In Binga, he found a group of Christians from earlier work by American missionaries. He encourages and trains as they plant churches and establish preaching points. In Filabusi, where they live, several churches have begun and he and Debbie encourage and guide them in many ways. When a church has made enough bricks to build a building, Richard will help the church with termite-proof window & door frames, as well as roofing, if necessary.

There have been over 50 village churches started in Zimbabwe.

Debbie does sewing and Bible study classes also, which have been wildly popular. In the current political climate, however, she has had to curtail these.

The economic situation in Zimbabwe right now is very difficult - pray that a way might be found to restore the country to the place of leadership in the region which it once had.



Yes! I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to read and know the precious living Word of God. I would like to partner with Richard and Debbie in establishing Churches in Zimbabwe.

Richard Harold Lee   Birthday Oct. 19, 1933
Debbie Lee   Birthday Sept. 23
Anniversary   October 8, 1977

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    Famona, Bulawayo
    Zimbabwe, Africa

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