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Heart for Central Africa

Heart for Central Africa

Our Story

Tammie felt called to missions in elementary school after having a teacher who had served as a missionary. Brand had been drawn by the statistics of how many millions of people do not have access to even one preacher or friend who could share the Gospel with them. The strategy of reaching people in their own language appealed to both of us after hearing presentations in Milligan’s Chapel services each year.

We graduated in 1986, Brad with a BA in Bible and Sociology, Tammie with a BS in Biology. We then moved to Dallas and earned a Master’s degrees at the University of Texas at Arlington, Brad in Linguistics and Tammie in Anthropology. In 1991 we attended French school in France and in 1992 we arrived in Africa. We have served in Cameroon, Zaire (now Congo), Tanzania, and Kenya.

After serving many years in administrative roles, Brad over language programs and Tammie as Branch Director, we relocated to Nairobi in 2011 to meet the Secondary School needs of our children. Brad is training to be a translation consultant, and he continues to work as an exegete with Zaramo translation team. Using his language data, he is pursuing a research PhD in African languages and Linguistics through the University of Leiden in The Netherlands.

Tammie has pursued further graduate studies since arriving in Kenya. She completed the course work for an MA in Organizational Leadership and prerequisites to being a PhD in Intercultural Studies/Missions. She was accepted into the PhD Program and has begun the coursework in Intercultural Studies in Africa international University, where the family has also been living until our recent home assignment and sabbatical year. During this time, Tammie has led several workshops and coaching sessions in cross cultural leadership and cross cultural living and work in Africa for Families new to East Africa, as well as for Christian leaders of multicultural teams.

After serving with Pioneer Bible Translators for 26 years, we resigned from PBT in 2016 and joined Heart for Central Africa. HFCA is a much smaller organization and allows us more freedom to focus on our specific ministries.

“But how can they call to him for help if they have not believed? And how can they believe if they have not heard the message? And how can they hear if the message is not proclaimed? And how can the message be proclaimed if the messengers are not sent out?” Romans 10:14-15

Heart of Central Africa

exists to provide education and resources within the framework of the Church in Africa, including establishing new congregations, encouraging, and edifying existing congregations, and helping the church to be a positive influence on the society at large.

“All human beings are like grass, and all their glory is like wild flowers. The grass withers, and the flowers fall, but the Word of the Lord remains forever.” 1 Peter 1:24-25

God’s Word

is living and active, but 253,000,000 people cannot read in their own language. Isolated by linguistic barriers, they are cut off from the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Language Chart

Speakers of fifty-five percent of the world's 7,097 languages still do not have God's Word written in their own language.

For them, God is a silent God and the Bible is an empty book.

People from every race, tribe, nation, and language will stand before the eternal throne in heaven and worship Jesus. Revelation 7:9

United Republic of Tanzania

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Yes! I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to read and know the precious living Word of God. I would like to partner with Brad an Tammie in bringing God's Word to life for Bibleless peoples...

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