Christian  Dominican Medical Missions

Gary and his wife Cindy and their 6 children (David, Lori, Christy, Joey, Sara Rose, and Donny) provide medical services to the Dominicans.   The way the mission works is they arrange to visit a remote site in advance.  The "guest" site gets the word out while the Ambulancia is prepared with supplies.  The evening before the Ambulancia opens for business, the Jesus Film is shown for all those who will come.   Because electrical power can not be depended upon, a generator powers the movie equipment.

The next day the Ambulancia opens for business.   For many people, this will be there only attention by someone in the medical profession in 3 year.  Click on Map to make bigger & more legible.While waiting to see Gary,  the people sit in the provided shade and are preached to.  Nothing like a captive audience!

The next day is devoted to follow up.  The evangelist meet at the "guest" house and from there canvas the neighborhood.  "Hello, do you know Jesus Christ?".   Arrangements are made for the converts (and there will be some) to meet somewhere later where they can be baptized and begin their new life.

Occasionally, the sites are remote enough or there are enough converts that a new Church can be established.

Medical Table

There need for additional medical supplies is always a concern.  Can you help?
CDMM Clinic Medicine Levels Listing (Taken on each Clinic)

Jesus Film

Jesus Film

For many peoples in the Dominican Republic, a movie of any sort is a terrific treat.  They don't have many TVs and the electric power is sporadic and prone to surges.   So, when the Jesus film is presented, (Watch the Jusus Film NOW!) you've got a great audience!

How the Medical Mission Works

Scratch My Back...

(From Spreading the Fame of Christ, Winter 1998)

How often you have heard the phrase "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"?  Gary Klein, R.N. serving in Dominican Republic called FAME on the afternoon of January 14, 1998.  Months earlier Klein and FAME agreed to send medical equipment to the Dominican Republic to be used in their government hospitals.  Klein just received approval from their government to bring in a military plane of medial supplies.  In return, the government will "scratch our back" by supporting the medical, and more importantly, the evangelistic work Klein is doing among the people of Dominican.  This could possibly lead to donated property for a church.  FAME is willing to make it's supplies and equipment available, but we need more!  If you know of good equipment in working order, please contact FAME at (812) 379-4351.  Keep in mind we have limited warehouse space, and the timing has not yet been arranged.  We do want to proceed with securing equipment.  Klein recently saw three children in traction in a government hospital in the same bed.  We are seeking hospital beds and mattresses (again) as well as equipment.  We need your help.

Mobile Clinic Presses on in the Dominican...

(From Spreading the Fame of Christ, Fall 1999)

Despite hurricanes, which bring all kinds of hardships, Gary Klein, RN and FAME associate with Christian Dominican Medical Mission, makes aggressive advancements in Kingdom work. In the past year Klein has treated over 5,500 patients in over twenty medical/evangelistic clincs resulting in 568 Dominicans giving their lives to Jesus Christ in Christian baptims and hundreds more bringing praise and glory to His Name for what He is doing through medical evangelism! Several new churches have been planted and established churches are growing. A new recruit and Physician's Assistant, Michelle Miles from Tacoma, WA is joining the CDMM team of medical evangelists to the D.R.

Spreading the FAME of Christ

Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism

P.O. Box 688
Columbus, IN 47202
(812) 379-4351

How CDMM got its start, by Lanny Wilkinson


Yes! I believe that combining medical services, Jesus Film, and evangelism make a powerful combination.  I would like to partner with Gary and Cindy in the Dominican Republic in bringing God's Word to life for Bibleless peoples...

Please send medicial supplies to:

Gary Klein
PO Box 37849
San Juan, PR 00938-0849
(809) 472-1126
(809) 855-8802

Please send all contributions / correspondence to our “Forwarding Agent” :

Lanny Wilkinson
1705 Altacrest Dr.
Grapevine, Tx. 76051
(817) 421-5022

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