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Alberto has felt for many years that God has called him to go to Monte Cristi, a city on the north side near Haiti, to plant a church. Lord willing that work will begin this year. Alberto will start traveling to Monte Cristi two or three days a week to start a core group. He will start holding Bible studies, evangelizing, hopefully have a medical clinic there, and start looking for land to buy so that eventually a church can be constructed.

Alberto is looking for someone who will be able to travel with him and help with the work in Monte Cristi.

I will continue (12/2000) working at Santiago Christian School for probably one more year. During the next year and a half we will need to be raising our support level so that we have the support necessary to live without my salary from SCS. We trust the Lord will provide and so plan on moving to Monte Cristi in the summer of 2002.

Once a strong central church has been established in Monte Cristi and some of the men have been trained in leadership Alberto plans on reaching out and planting other churches in that part of the country. He eventually plans on extending the work to Dajabon which is on the Haitian border.


We are taking a big step of faith in moving to Monte Cristi (particularly for Lynette). It is a much smaller city than Santiago and not nearly as modern. We won't have any Burger Kings, Pizza Huts or more importantly my favorite supermarket, Nacional (which is comparable to US supermarkets.)

There were a lot of rice fields around Monte Cristi. - Also fishing is a big part of the economy


Monte Cristi Adventure #1

We just returned from Monte Cristi. We went to look around and look at a house. Someone we met here has a house for sale $25,000. It is pretty small, tin roof, but has a big yard and a workshop space with just a covered area alongside of it that would be good for Sunday school classes, etc. The kitchen is hardly a kitchen which is important to me. My first response was no way but as we looked around it isn't a bad place compared to many others. The selection of houses there is very limited. There are very few "nice" houses and the chance of those being available to buy or rent when we move there would definitely be God's timing.

You can be praying about that for us.

It will still be another year and a half before we move there but Alberto will be traveling back and forth and need a place to stay and have Bible studies, etc. If the owner above is willing to just rent the house we looked at for a reasonable rate we may do that now and use it for church, etc. Otherwise Alberto would spend that much money at least on hotels and food.

Monte Cristi Adventure #2

We found another place for sale that would be ideal for a church (an old discotec). The location is right down town so it would be a good location. An apt. could be constructed on top where we could live. The owner had started building a kitchen and bathrooms on the second floor so that is part way done. It would come with 500 chairs, a generator, music equipment that they used in the disco (which I assume is some kind of sound system but I'm not sure.) The problem is that he is asking about $118,000 and then there would be construction costs, fixing up downstairs so it didn't look like a discotec, etc. I would think that we could buy ground and build a church for less than that but Alberto says blocks, cement, etc. is very expensive right now. we will have to check into it some more.


Yes! I believe the people of Monte Cristi need to know Jesus and I would like to help in theis endevour. I would like to partner with Alberto and Lynette in the Dominican Republic in bringing God's Word to life for Bibleless peoples in Monte Cristi...

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