How the Medical Mission Works

Day 1: The JESUS Film Project

Day 1

Showing the Jesus FilmFor many peoples in the Dominican Republic, a movie of any sort is a terrific treat. They don't have many TVs and the electric power is sporadic and prone to surges. So, when the Jesus film is presented, (Watch the Jusus Film NOW!) you've got a great audience!

And, there is a message which is provided in a subtle way.

Much of the 1st day is spent getting to the site, setting up the generator and site for the presentation.

Day 2, The Clinic is setup

Day 2

The first thing done on day 2 is get setup for business. The Ambulance holds all the medical supplies as well as the tents and canopies.

Gary Klein provides medical help Visitors on Mission Trips can help and get on experience helping people with many medical needs. For some people, this Clinic is the only medical treatment they ever get.

Here Gary Klein provides advice and medicine for an apparent appreciative man. The only cost for this medical attention is the doors which are opened so we can present the gospel.

Day 2: Preach to those Waiting for the Dr. People come from as far as they can walk in 1/2 a day. The canopy provides shade from the tropical sun.

Here Alberto Rivas is Evangelizing to those who are waiting. Yes, he has been preaching on these Mission trips for many years, even though he did NOT get his degree until 1999.

The child may be distracted, but there are more than a couple who appear to be paying CLOSE attention.

Aside from preaching by several Evangelist besides just Alberto, there are videos for young and old. Some teach Bible lessons and some give Medical instructions.

There is enough need that the Clinic could go on for days. Unfortunately, there are not enough Medical supplies (it takes weeks to put together enough medical supplies) for more than one day.

At the end of the day, many people must be turned away without having received any attention. This is sad.

Dominican Exploded map The third day is devoted to follow up.  The evangelist meet at the "guest" home and, having divided up into groups of 2 or 3, from there canvas the neighborhood.  "Hello, do you know Jesus Christ?".   Arrangements are made for the new converts (and there will be some) to meet somewhere later where they can be baptized and begin their new life.

Day 3, Door to Door Evangelism is done through out the Community

Day 3

Most people in the Dominican Republic can be described as Catholic. They were born Catholic, their parents were Catholic, and their children are Catholic. Aside from that, most don't appear to have ever had another thought along those lines (how very American?). Some Catholics have never even been to Church before. A few will have something dedicated to Mary, such as a statue with flowers around it.

It is not the intention for this Missions outreach to gather Christians from the ranks of the Catholic and denominations faithful, but rather, to reach the lost. Every Church houses their own "lost", which is about the saddest commentary one could consider.

The result of the outreach is to either establish a new Church or strength the local Church.

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