Brad, Tammie, Bunkie, Morrie, Yuda

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Harvey family August 2013 Previous vehicle in trouble - chasm A Crashsite - former vehicle Brad Harvey doing a language Interview Location of Kaguru in Tanzania on Map Kaguru Language Committee Morrie, Yuda, and Bunkie Harvey Morrie, Yuda, and Bunkie Harvey PBT Office PBT Office PBT Logo Unreached People groups map There is a story behind these shorts. Tanzania map New Vehicle - 2001 New Vehicle - 2001, with Bunckie and Morrie Yuda Jackson - 2002 Yuda Jackson - 2002 Tammie, Brad, Morrie, Bunkie, and Yuda Harvey, March 2004   Brad and Tammie Harvey Family.  Bunkie, Yuda, Morrie   Brad and Tammie Harvey's Christmas portriat. a work team of 22 people from Bradís home church, Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis The work team also fixed toilets, sinks, hot water supply line, built closets and shelves, repaired a couch (after breaking it) and sewed curtains for several offices and the new meeting room. Another team sanded and prepared the new meeting room walls for painting, which was completed after they left. Morrie Brad, Tammie, Bunkie, Morrie, Yuda
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