Brad    &   Tammie   Harvey   September   2002

September 2002 Mission Newsletter

Missionary Spotlight: Brad Harvey News from the Harveys

The branch finally received official written confirmation that we won the high bid on a fourth and final house here on the former "Dutch Compound". We have been waiting a long time for this, so we are quite happy. God has certainly been good to us, and our prayers and yours have been answered in His perfect timing and will. This house will temporarily be used to house short-term missionaries and will then become our home. A couple of rooms need to be added and some improvements made so that we can hopefully move in at the beginning of 2003. The branch still has more processes to go through (including paying for the fourth house)., but at least we feel like the end is in sight and we can go ahead and make definite plans for the properties now. Thank you God!! And thanks to all who have prayed us through this long process. Don't stop now. We still have a ways to go yet, but join us in praising God as we ask for His continued guidance and perfect will.

Welcome to Tanzania Chris and Nicki Chambers! This sweet young couple just arrived to spend four months with us, seeking God's direction on whether they will work here with using the future. Chris has been in Tanzania before as a coach for one of our summer internships, but his is Nicki's first time here. Please pray that they will have a truly blessed experience here.

Brad and the Cambers have traveled to the village of Berega where Brad and Christ will be conducting a two week semantic domains seminar with about twenty Kaguru men. The intended outcome of this seminar is to produce a Kaguru dictionary of 15,000 words or more, something that could take more than five years to build if done in the natural course of a standard language program. It will be a very intense two weeks. Pray that the Kaguru participants catch on to the work quickly and can work effectively to meet our goals. At the same time Brad and Chris lead the dictionary - building workshop, Nicki will be visiting the bush hospital in Berega and meeting some missionary nurses as she seeks what role the Lord would eventually have her fill as a nurse on the missions field.

The Harvey children are back in school. Yuda is at the International school with Bunkie now and really liking it and Morrie continues at a nursery school and will join her brothers at the International school in January. The boys started Karate class this week. We should have the final recommendation for Yuda's adoption process form the National Minister of Child Welfare this week. Tammie will take this to Dodoma to the lawyer. We think this it the final piece of paperwork we need. We already have a court summons for Sept. 19th. Since all the paperwork will be in, we think there is a possibility that the adoption could be made final on this date. No one seems to be able to tell us for sure.

Tammie has been working on writing the East African Branch biannual report for the PBT board of trustees in her new role as Branch Director and traveled to Dodoma this week for a trustee's meeting with Safina (the children's home). She has been checking into a grant program for documenting endangered languages. The grand is being administered by the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and they are planning on disbursing 20,000,000 pounds in the next 10 years. Basically, the type of information they want is a lot of what we collect on survey anyway and we could add a couple other procedures to satisfy the program fairly easy. This would allow us to select, train, and pay more nationals to be involved in the research process and the money we put into survey could be spent elsewhere. We are looking into some of the other grants for renovation and additions to our new properties, and one foundation even gives toward deficit reduction in the area of property for religious organizations. Pray for extra energy, patience, clear thinking and divine guidance to get Tammie through many tasks during the next couple of weeks while Brad is ways. Pray for minimal unexpected disruptions (not the norm at the Harvey house).

God Bless,

Brad, Tammie, Bradley, Yuda, & Morrie

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