Brad    &   Tammy   Harvey   October   2000

October 2000 Mission Newsletter

Though things have slowed down just a little since Bunkie began kindergarten the end of August, we've still had plenty of opportunities to share the work of PBT and encourage many of our supporters. September and October engagements included several different preaching and recruiting trips.

Preaching:  Maplewood Christian Church     Terre Haute, IN 
            Clermont Christian Church      Indianapolis, IN
            Franklin Christian Church      Franklin, TN
            Ben Davis Christian Church     Indianapolis, IN
            Community Christian Church     Morristown, TN  

Recruiting: Cincinnati Bible College       Cincinnati, OH
                Missions Emphasis Week
           Western Christian College      Dauphin, Manitoba CANADA
                World Mission Workshop (Acapella Churches of Christ)
            Emmanuel School of Religion    Elizabethton, TN
                Chapel and teach one Class
            Milligan College               Elizabethton, TN
                Chapel and Missions Club Meeting
            East Tennessee State Univ.     Johnson City, TN
                Campus Ministry Meeting

Our busiest weekend saw Tammie travel to Dallas, TX to represent the East Africa Branch at the PBT Fall Board Meeting, while Brad flew to Canada. Bunkie stayed with friends in Franklin, TN so he wouldn't miss school and, on her way to Dallas, Tammie dropped Morrie off at Grandma's in Oklahoma.

So why do missionaries put themselves through this sort of travel schedule when they are on home assignment? "The greatest threat to the vision is entrusting it to those who have not seen it." This is a phrase that Brad came away with from Cincinnati Bible College's Missions Emphasis Week. So one of our main goals during home assignment is to share the Mission's vision of reaching the World for Christ; it will take more missionaries, but it will also take more senders. Thank you for sharing this vision with us. We each have our unique assignments in seeing the Lord's Great Commission accomplished.

PBT has officially begun its first translation project in Tanzania as of this month (October) in conjunction with United Bible Society of Tanzania. One national has been chosen for the Kaguru translation team and one or two others will be chosen soon to complete the Kaguru team. The Luguru language project will also begin shortly. Both of these languages are in the "Morogoro Cluster" of languages. As soon as we return to Tanzania in February, we will begin the process of moving our residence from Dodoma to Morogoro (about 2 1/2 hours drive) to oversee these and bring other related languages into this Morogoro cluster project. A recent e-mail from our Director warned us to come back well rested because there is plenty of work waiting on us.

We still have the National Missionary Convention to attend in November, will spend Thanksgiving in Oklahoma with Tammie's family, and then need to vacate our apartment by Christmas. After Christmas in Indiana with Brad's family, we will help to represent PBT at "Urbana", a missions conference for college students from all over the nation held every four years at the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. We will spend the month of January in Texas primarily, reporting to three of our supporting churches. After a couple of weeks of vacation, we'll make final preparations to return to Tanzania the last week of February.

Since it always seems like we are packing and moving, or going through some such upheaval during the holidays, we never seem to get greeting cards out,\ in spite of best intentions. So we'll take this opportunity to send our holiday greetings and best wishes from our family to yours.

In Christ,
Brad & Tammie Harvey
Bunkie & Morrie

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