Brad    &   Tammie   Harvey   March   1999

PBT News!


We continue to praise God for allowing us to be a part of His perfect plan for famine relief in Dodoma region. Another incredible thing has happened. A man from a large Norwegian aid organization that has been doing famine relief on a large scale for a long time has been talking with us about our famine relief effort and the techniques that we used for distributing the food and seeds. It turns out that he is quite impressed with the way we did things and he is going to talk to his organization about using some of our techniques. According to him, our way of doing things will help the people long-term, whereas their way of doing things is more of a temporary solution. We can't take the credit for this, of course. When God has a plan for doing something, He does it right, and I suppose we shouldn't be surprised when other people take note. Jim made a really good point that if this large organization begins to use the techniques that help people more long-term, it could transform Dodoma region (agriculturally speaking). It looks like this could be one of the things that God had in mind all along.

Please pray for us as we gear up for the summer intern program. We have learned that Chris Chambers, fellow Florida Christian College Alumnus with Linda and the Hobbies, will be leading the intern team as its coach. We are really excited about this and we know that he will do a great job.


We just got great news from the Harveys in Zimbabwe. Tammie has been quite unexpectedly admitted to a really good hospital that had refused her admission previously because of a long waiting list. The new hospital that she was booked into will probably not be ready in time for the baby's arrival, which is expected to be on Easter Sunday. Please join us in praising God for this wonderful provision. I know it has really put the Harvey's minds at rest.


Edson gave praise to God that his daughter Jedi is well after a pretty scary illness that lasted for over a week. The doctors never diagnosed the problem, but fortunately she finally responded to antibiotics. She is back in school now and feeling much better.


Jeff would like our prayers for a leadership training seminar he is planning for the end of April near Tabora. He has been wanting to do this for a long time, but it seems that the end of April is the last opportunity he will have for a while to do it.

Lori gave an update on their Indian friend, Gulshan. She is suffering some serious repercussions from her religious community after a spontaneous testimony during a service in a mosque when she gave praise to Jesus for healing her. The leaders of that community have forbidden her to go to church or to have people in her home to pray for her. Please pray that God will soon reveal His will in this situation.

Zachary is back at school today after a bought with a sinus infection. He has had previous sinus infections that were very hard to treat, so the Hobbies were very thankful that he began to recover after the first dose of antibiotics.


Jim is so grateful to have received a handwritten letter from his father for the first time since the illness that seriously debilitated his father over a year ago. Jim was able to read the entire letter and he said it sounded just like the letters he used to receive from him. Mr. Farmer is now living alone and is able to take care of his own everyday needs, including cooking. We praise God for this great blessing to Jim, his father, and his family.


Linda asks that you continue to pray for Adam Chambers, her and the Hobbies' friend who recently had a tumor removed from his brain. God brought him through the surgery in an incredible way that had the doctors, nurses, and everyone else giving praise to God. Now Adam will begin a series of radiation treatments to destroy the tumor cells that remain in his body. Please pray with us that this will also be so successful that God will once again be praised by even those who don't know Him.

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