Brad    &   Tammie   Harvey   February   1999

PBT News!


Of course, famine relief is the first concern you will hear about. We are still going strong, by the grace of God. Between this Saturday and Tuesday of next week we plan to distribute 80 tons of corn, 4 tons of seed, and over 600 Bibles, in two villages, Lord willing. Exciting things are happening daily around here and we can almost feel our faith stretching as we go. When you get this (probably Friday), we will especially be needing your prayers for strength, perseverance, discernment, and protection from attacks of Satan. This week we have had the feeling that the spiritual attacks on us are increasing, not that we should be surprised. Please don't forget to pray for us, especially for Jim, Edson and Jeff, who are on the "front lines," so to speak.

We still need rain. We are getting just enough to keep the young crops from dying, but it seems that the rains are getting fewer and farther between. Please pray with us that God will send enough rains for the desperately needed harvest.

"The Watch of the Lord" has been a real blessing to us. Last night we took the opportunity to pray in each room of our new office and to dedicate it to the Lord. We prayed especially that Satan would have no power here and that God would accomplish great things within these walls and on these premises.


We thank God that He has brought Naomi safely back to us. She arrived in Dodoma Tuesday evening and slept very well that very night. She has already started getting back into the swing of branch life and work.

Please pray for her with us that this process she is still going through of grieving for her mother will cause her to grow closer to her Lord and that she will receive peace and comfort when she goes through those inevitable sorrowful moments.


Adam Chambers, a friend of the Hobbies and Linda is in the hospital in Cincinnati and has just undergone very intense surgery to remove a tumor from his brain stem. The pathology reports have not been received, but the doctor said that all of the tumor was removed. There is, however, a chance that some of the cells have entered the spinal column. Adam was awake three hours after the surgery and was able to recognize his family and move his arms and legs, but his speech is slurred and he cannot focus his eyes. His earthly doctor is one of the best in the world, but his heavenly physician is the One who is able to heal him. Adam is the youngest son of Dr. Roger and Linda Chambers.

Dr. Chambers was a professor at Florida Christian College during his time here on earth, and Adam is an alumnus of FCC, along with his brother and two sisters. Please join us in praying earnestly for Adam. Rajabu, a friend and watchmen of the Hobbies was attacked last week as he rode his bike to work. His bike was stolen and he received several cuts on his arms from a machete, which was thankfully dull. Please pray for Rajabu, who is not a Christian. He needs physical healing, but he also needs Christ. Perhaps this incident will give Jeff and Lori more opportunities to witness and minister to him.


Jim asked us to pray for friends of theirs, Chuck and Rebecca Livermore, who are preparing for a mission internship in India, with the possibility of returning as career missionaries. They are working with the Caleb project. Many of you have heard that Christians are experiencing increasingly violent persecution in India right now, and our earthly wisdom would tell us that the Livermores should not go there. They are, however, not depending on earthly wisdom and they are being faithful to the call of their Lord who is able to protect them.

We rejoice with them and pray for them as they serve God in faithfulness.

Please continue to pray for Abram's ear infection. It has gotten better, but is still there. Abram has had a history of problems with his ears, and the tubes that he had have come out. Please pray that the infection will heal quickly and that he will not have any hearing loss.


Linda has heard from the Harveys and they arrived safely in Harare. They are very pleased with their living conditions and with Harare itself. From what Tammie said, they should be able to have a restful time there. Thanks for your prayers for their travel safety.

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