Abigail will be 6 years soon.  She attends school in the morning, and is doing very well.  She loves the animals Alberto has gotten for her.

Jonathan is a very busy little boy, and he's into everything!  He celebrated his 2nd birthday just before Christmas.   

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first evening of fun which included softball, volleyball, dominos, preaching and singing.  They now play softball every Sunday (averaging 70 people) and Wednesday (around 40).  Alberto has been studying with eight people who have been reached through this ministry and believes at least four of them will be baptized soon.

Construction of the church building in Monte Cristi had been temporarily halted because of lack of funds to complete the next phase.  Thanks to a generous gift and the end of the rainy season (finally), the ceiling of the first floor should be poured soon.  Praise God!.
In September, Alberto began holding services on Sunday morning in Madre (one of the villages where CDEM distributed food
after the 2003 flood). The mission purchased half of a building there (including a carport) where the church now meets.  Christians from the Monte Cristi church have been helping with the services in Madre.  They have been averaging about 50 each week and there were three baptisms in December. 
Alberto has also used the vans to transport many people from Madre to the special activities held by the Monte Cristi church.  We are excited about the opportunities God is opening up in this area!